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Italy's Best Beaches
Italy's best beaches
Ahh... the Italian Riviera, the lakes of Lombardy and Piedmont, along with more facts, photos & information on the best locations for swimming, diving and fun in the sun throughout the country, as rated by the annual Blue Flag survey ...
Top Five Italy Honeymoon Destinations
Italian honeymoon spots
Love, laughter and romance are on the menu when you book a trip to Italy, one of the world's most popular destinations for newlyweds. Discover more with our guide to top locations for the best romantic Italian honeymoons ...
Italy's Best Gelato
No matter how popular the entree, its the wise tourist who always leave room for dessert! Find out where to get the dreamiest, creamiest ice cream at top gelaterias in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice ...
Rome for Kids
Rome for kids
Although Rome is traditionally regarded as a city for sophisticated gourmets and art lovers, the city has much to offer kids of all ages. On your next trip to Rome with family in tow, do as the Romans do ...
Experience Italy

Wine tours
Check out our special guide to learning Italian, walking and biking tours, winery & vineyard tours, horseback riding adventures, cooking schools & classes, romantic wedding plans & honeymoons, along with practical advice on getting around by car or train — plus more tips and tricks to Do-It-Yourself Italy ....

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In Italy - Events & Happenings

Italy festivals & eventsWhat's New in Italy

What's scheduled today, next week or next summer in Italy - with our personal pick of top sites featuring Italian travel news & updates, annual festivals, special museum exhibits & lots of travel bargains, plus insider information on what to see and do, from major attractions to oddball destinations ...

Calendar of Italian Feasts & Festivals

Best of Italy Beaches




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